We have amazing staff because we do amazing things.


Managing Director

Prosecco Princess and proud mummy!

My team laugh at me all the time, but I simply cannot help but jump around when I get excited by a project. And it happens a lot – lucky me. #lovemyjob

Boo gives me the freedom to think outside the box whilst the box is in places I like to hangout!



Semi-Serious Man of the People.

Our team’s creative flair, eye for detail and sheer passion for what we do has produced great results for many years.

  • Scott

    Office Manager

    Scotty, he thinks he's a hotty (and he's right!)

  • Shirley

    Financial Manager

    Give her a diet coke and a spreadsheet and she's in her element!

  • Penny

    Entertainment Director

    As creative as she is organised there is no show, event or experience that Penny cannot devise.

  • Jeanine

    Head of Costume

    In charge of our Costume Studio, Jeanine can literally turn as sow’s ear into a silk purse.

  • George

    Senior Account Manager

    George’s positive attitude is infectious he will get the best out of our people and keep yours happy!

  • Dan

    Account Manager

    Dan the beardy man with a plan! Making sure our team, processes and reporting are all ship shape.

  • Jill


    Everyone’s favourite auntie and the creator of things more imaginative and beautiful than we mere mortals could possibly imagine.

  • Pavel

    Head Carpenter

    If Leonardo Da Vinci was a modern Czech man living in North London…

  • Roberta


    When she is not covered in paint or polystyrene you can find her in the theatre or lost in a bookshop!

  • Imelda

    Senior Scenic Artist

    Imelda the constructor of castles and proficient prop making wonder will cover you in gold paint if you stand still too long.

  • Bekki Stewart

    Scenic Artist

    Talented? Yes! Beautiful? Yes! Modest? Not so much!!

  • Caroline George

    Scenic Artist

    Works the paint and sawdust look. Our Jack of all trades, scenic artist Caroline!

  • Abigail Screen

    Scenic Artist and Costume Room Assistant

    Maker of robots, wearer of hats. Abigail can usually be found covered in paint or or thread, depending on the day!

  • Ian

    Warehouse Co-ordinator

    Ian can often be found singing ‘Fiddler On The Roof’ whilst making sure our warehouse is in tip top condition.